Grain Storage & Flow Agent



Grain Storage 

It has been estimated that up to 50% of all the grain grown is potentially damaged by insects. Chemical poisons as we continue to discover often do more harm than good.  They must be applied repeatedly, resulting in the build of up potentially harmful residue.  They also may loose their effectiveness over time as insects can build up immunity to the chemicals. Raw food grade DE has great potential as a grain protector.  It is non-toxic, provides good protection when grain is stored properly, can be easily separated later if desired and leaves no residue.  Of course it does not need to be removed, providing additional benefits of providing 15 trace minerals.  Total lack of toxicity in food grade DE is so un-measurable it is not counted as a foreign substance by the USDA in their grain rating system.  DE has been assessed at GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status with the US FDA and the NZFSA in New Zealand.  Trials of stored grain showed that DE out-performed traditional grain storage chemicals.  Not only will DE kill insects, it also acts as a repellent discouraging insect infestation.

Raw food grade diatomaceous earth can be used as an organic method to rid grains of “critters” and is particularly useful for long-term storage, yet it is not harmful to people or animals. It is also inexpensive and easy to use.

  • Controls insects in wheat, rice, sorghum, oats, rye, barley, corn and seeds of all kinds corncrop in sack ready for animal feed
  • Controls rice weevils, lesser grain bobers, flat grain beetles, red flour beetles, confused flour beetles, merchant grain beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, granary weevils, larvae of the Indian meal moth, etc.
  • Easy and safe to use - only one treatment needed
  • Does not have to be removed
  • Contains 15 trace minerals
  • Insects cannot become immune
  • Gives long term protection
  • No impact on taste or flavor of cooking quality
  • Leaves no chemical residue or toxicity
  • Stainless & Odourless
  • Non combustible and non explosive
  • Cost effective

It is recommended to replace 2% of stored grain with DE and blend. ie. 1kg of DE will protect 500kg of grain.


Anti-Caking and Flow Agent

DE has very useful benefits in products and feeds that experience difficulties in pouring and flowing.

In a silo, wet grain, corn and other types of feed (particularly feeds containing molasses) will often stick together creating clumps, making them hard to pour). Adding DE helps to coat the feed, break it up and keep them from binding and sticking together. This is the function of an anti-caking agent or flow aid. >DE also makes the feed less likely to mould due to it's moisture absorbency characteristics.

Our DE is a 100% organic, natural and chemical free anti-caking agent.  DE powder

Replace 2% of product with food grade DE for anti-caking and flow control benefits.

As a pelleting aid, DE helps with the formation and the quality of pellets. More specifically, when mixed in feed, the product helps to lubricate grain that is being prepared in to pellets.