Growing Media


Freshwater Diatomaceous Earth granules can be used as a growing medium in hydroponics gardens. Bonsai Tree

It can also used as a growing medium in potted plants, particularly as bonsai soil. Bonsai enthusiasts use it as a soil additive or pot a bonsai tree in 100% Diatomaceous earth. Like perlite, vermiculite, and expanded clay, it retains water and nutrients while draining fast, allowing high oxygen circulation within the growing medium.

DE also has excellent C.E.C. (Cation Exchange Capacity) of 27/100g and doesn’t break down unless you crush it. 

A great thing about when you use DE for the first time is that the murky water that is left after one initially rinses the DE for the first time is actually a mechanical pesticide. Try spraying the liquid on your plants to rid them of insects. 

Potting Mix Additive  

DE is perfect for hydroponic, bonsai, orchid and cactus mixes and provides the following benefits: 

  • Ability to hold water (up to 100% of its own weight) 
  • Creates aeration
  • Providse plant available silica